Plastic moulding

The plastic moulding activity of Macher Ltd. produces plastic parts moulded at low and high pressure for the automotive, aerospace, medical electronic and printing industry.

We make low-pressure (max 25 bar) mouldings in house using 2 moulding machines, and as an integrator we fulfill orders which involve high-pressure production in close cooperation with our partner company.

We produce 100% of the aluminium inserts used for castings, and we carry out inserts of steel also in cooperation with a partner company.

The main moulded forms of ours give the strain reliefs of cables, and other functional shapes required for confectioning, and we also make 2 component plastic electric houses as well.

Our company is open to realizing any moulded form requiring low or high level of precision, and also we can design parts, tools, and prepare or renovate tools.

We produce our own products using tools designed and produced by us.

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