Quality policy



Continuous improvement and applying innovative solutions are quite characteristic of process and organization development as well.


Quality culture is an important pillar of our supplying activity, which is service-centered and represents high quality level. The quality culture makes it possible for the customer to get a product, even if it is only envisaged, at a competitive price and by the requested date.


Our operation is regulated by Integrated Management System (IMS) which incorporates ISO 9001:2008, EN 9100:2009, ISO 14001:2004, and elements of EFQM.


The processes are divided into 3 groups: management processes, main processes, support processes.


The organization is covered by the management (business administrations and management) processes, and the business administration controls both the operative and strategic implementation.


Management processes: business administration and management
Main processes: marketing, product innovation, production preparation, production, implementation of quality management
Support process: human resource, logistics, provision of production tools, IT, environmental activities


We give support to our sub-contractors and suppliers to develop their quality management system.


Our processes are defined by the needs and expectations of the stakeholders (customers, suppliers, authorities, actors of society).