Macher values

Our Vision of Future

Market leading position in the field of complex cable confectioning (industrial electronics, IT) requiring extensive expertise. Being continuously on the top in order to improve the satisfaction of our customers.

Our MissionMeeting customer needs, whether they are technically specified or partially specified. Sales of tools required for cable confectioning, as part of our activities.Introduction of data acquisition and remote control services within electronics.

Our own products which fall within the field of electronics and is exclusively manufactured by our company.

The CustomerIt’s a fair expectation of the customer that we should think ‘with their minds’, we should provide them tailor-made products and services and we should make them feel that ‘they are the kings for us’.
MarketingThe sale of products and services is in the focus of our activities.We meet our objectives of gaining and retaining markets by personal work and taking the initiative and thanks to the support of a system in the background.
The OrganisationOur everyday life is determined by the processes, rules and instructions established to meet our objectives. Our organisation is creative; we adapt our processes to meet the challenges of the environment. It is the responsibility of the managers of our organisation to unambiguously define the laws of the game for the organisation.
Our PastWe are proud of the fact that the majority of the values accompanying our new strategy is part of the ‘Macher Treasury’ even today. Safeguarding and further developing our values are the personal responsibility of each employee.
Quality, Reliability‘We manufacture quality into our products.’ Self-inspection and personal liability for the work done are the key responsibilities of each employee. The reliability of our company is based on our employees and teams with their thorough work of high standards.
ManagementThe stability of our development is based on our management. Sensible utilisation of our resources is a commitment each employee has to make.
DevelopmentIn order to achieve our market objectives, we make efforts to develop products meeting market requirements. Key words of our developing activity: originality, cost-effectiveness
FairnessAt our company, business and human fairness are inseparable. Fairness means honesty, respect in business and for and from our colleagues, personal and corporate responsibility. It is reprehensible to use any available business information to one’s own advantage.
KnowledgeOur current knowledge is a treasure; however, it is not enough to keep it but it should be continuously improved as well. Knowledge improvement is a joint responsibility of the employer and the employee. Creativity could be hindered by the belief that there is only one solution.
FlexibilityMeeting specific requirements of customers. Customer service is based on deadlines, whether day or night.
SpeedThere is no order received at an inconvenient time. Time is the most limited resource; it can be expanded by speed.
Readiness to actEvery employee must be ready to act, and should act on their own initiative as well.Loyalty to the organisation does not begin with identifying oneself with a successful company but with accepting the fact that the way to become one is paved with responsibility, efforts and readiness to act.
CommunicationCommunication is real, authentic interaction. Actual communication conveys true information. Communication assumes liability. Effective communication is systematic.
Human resourcesThe outcomes of our strategy are measured by profit. Profit is driven by human resources in addition to financial and material resources. Human resource is a special asset for us.
CareMacher Ltd. treats its employees as assets. Each employee deserves polite and respectful treatment. The company feels responsible for its every single employee.
Team workA group, an organisational unit becomes a team if its everyday life is defined by mutually accepted standards and codes of conduct. The key factors to our success: awareness, acceptance and implementation of common goals in an atmosphere where each employee feels to be important, respected, encouraged and supported by the others.