Márta Macher, Managing Director of Macher Ltd. has been given Lifetime Achievement Award

2016. április 13.

Márta Macher, the Managing Director of Macher Engineering and Electronic Ltd., has been given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fejér County (CCIFC). The award was presented in the XLII Assembly of Delegates of the Chamber.

The Presidency of the Chamber rewards the entrepreneurs or business managers pursuing an exemplary activity with a Lifetime Achievement Award, whose devoted and high quality work throughout the decades has promoted the recognition and progress of both their companies and, consequently, the economy of Fejér County.

Márta Macher, Managing Director, Macher Ltd.

Through Márta Macher’s management, a crucial and competitive business of our region’s has come into being. Her commitment to social responsibility has been absolutely exemplary. She has been a prominent figure in promoting quality culture in Hungary.

Macher Engineering and Electronic Ltd. managed by Márta Macher is a member of the Industrial Section of CCIFC. Márta Macher is a chamber delegate, President of the Quality Club of Fejér County, the manager of a business recognized with the National Quality Award twice, the Ambassador of Quality. Márta Macher has been the managing director of the company since 1991, which will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its establishment this year. The initially two-person family business has evolved into a company employing around 100 people.

The company survived the economic crisis through significant improvements, in the course of which it managed to increase the number of employees. Over the past two and the half decades, the operation of the business has been characterized by continuous innovation and higher value-added activity. In Márta Macher’s view, the key to recovering from a crisis is looking forward and improving continuously. She takes the view that if a company does not improve persistently, it will lose its competitive edge. Thanks to these specific improvements, further market opportunities opened up, and as a result, the business continued developing even in spite of the economic crisis. The manager’s commitment to social responsibility and quality culture is considerable.

Within the framework of social responsibility, Márta Macher endorses and establishes foundations, takes part in projects for equal opportunities, employs persons with reduced capacity to work, and in addition, she takes an active role in the life of the local community. She takes great care to ensure competitive operation both in the social and professional field.

As a result of careful planning and production, the enterprise managed by her has won countless awards throughout the years.

The activities of Macher Ltd. were recognized with the National Quality Award in 2000 and 2009.

For its human activities, the company has won the Family Friendly Workplace Award three times, and has been given the Best Workplace Award six times.

Between 2001 and 2004 the company won the title „For clean, flowery and healthy Székesfehérvár” for its environmental activities every year.

Márta Macher

• won an award for her Eminent Entrepreneurship in 2000;

• was elected the Ambassador of the National Quality Award in 2004;

• was given the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the CCIFC for her outstanding work in 2003;

• received the „For Quality” Challenge Cup from the ISO Forum in 2003;

• was presented with the title „Producing and Services Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2010;

• was given a Certificate of Appreciation for her chamber work in 2012;

was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fejér County in 2016, which was presented at the assembly of delegates of April 12.