Macher Zrt. celebrates 25th anniversary

2016. november 30.

Macher Engineering and Electronic Zrt celebrated its 25th anniversary on October 27, 2016. In the event organized in Hotel Magyar Király an exhibition on the history of the company was on view, which was followed by toasts, stage performances and a reception.

Macher Engineering and Electronic Kft. – a private company limited by shares now – started its operations as a small enterprise with 3 persons in a detached house in 1991. Endre Macher and his wife, Márta were left without jobs after the change of the political system. Endre’s uncle, who had been deported in 1946, came back to Hungary at that time, and he provided the capital in the form of a 100m2 detached house for setting up the business. The Macher couple invested their knowledge and will, they started with hired labour without one single tool or any equipment, and from there they have evolved into a business currently employing 120 people.

Macher Zrt. is specialized in the design, development, production of complex cables, cable harnesses with high added value, and complex electro-mechanical systems. The company applies innovative technologies in the main sectors of electronic industry. Its main competences are electromechanical development, production of tools and single-purpose equipment, developing production technologies, custom-made cable assembly, injection moulding and metallization.
Thanks to its stable presence and workmanship, the name of Macher Zrt has blended with quality and the capacity for continuous renewal. Recognized as a family-friendly workplace, the company has had a key role in the economy of Székesfehérvár, and has been taking the process-oriented, community-centred operations, team work and social responsibility seriously. Thanks to the strategic partnership agreement signed in August 2015, the enterprise was among the first ones to join the dual technical higher education training.

On behalf of the local council of Székesfehérvár, Dr. András Cser-Palkovics, Mayor of Székesfehérvár, paid his respects to the Macher family, the partners of the company and its present and past associates. On behalf of the whole city, he expressed his thanks to the corporate group that had done a great deal with regard to shaping the community by creating jobs and fulfilling its financial liabilities. „Upon paying their taxes, Macher Zrt has never considered its contribution to the society, and to the development of the city fulfilled. They have never said that they have paid their taxes so they want this or that in return! The company has done a lot in terms of social responsibility. Their new technological and site developments have meant a lot to the whole city of Fehérvár. The city has always been able to rely on the Macher family and the business developed by them as partners regarding any requests made by the city. It is not part of the usual compulsories, but rather local patriotism and commitment, and the realization that economic agents and the city can develop only united”, stressed the leader of the city.

„The anniversary of a quarter of a century is a milestone when we stop and look back on the past, our achievements, but at the same time we look ahead to what we can offer to the future. We started off as an instinctive small enterprise from which we have steadily evolved into a company. I am happy to announce that from October 1, 2016 our company will continue to operate as a private company limited by shares. It means a more transparent operation for both the colleagues internally, and the world outside, resulting in reinforced trust. Customers are more important to us than anything else, as they inspire the company towards the future. Thanks go to them for our continuous development, our machinery meeting the requirements of the future and our infrastructure. All the aforementioned, accompanied by human knowledge and a stable set of values, has lead to the success of 25 years,” stressed Márta Macher, President-CEO.