Welcome to our homepage,  thank  you for  visiting  us. We trust that  our  pro- Szerzőről portré
fessionalism,  our set  of  values  fostered  consistently,  and  our  belief  in  fair
business practices will catch your interest.

The trademark  of our philosophy  is the Macher name.  On the one  hand, it ref-
lects that our company is  a family business, and on the  other hand, we provide
a familial atmosphere also for our employees.

The success of a business depends on how it responds to changes and challenges.
The other keystone of long-term success is responsible operation.

Success  goes  with  responsibility. It  cannot  exclusively  focus  on  the  biggest
profit, and cannot be indifferent to the natural and social environment.

We have framed  these thoughts in our vision and we live accordingly on a daily
basis:  „Quick reaction to  the challenges of the  environment  where quality and
people are the core values.”

Our environment is changing continuously and progressively. Unprecedented crises keep appearing. Under the circumstances we ensure our competitiveness through continuous improvements and investments, trainings and addressing the needs of new innovative industrial sectors quickly and effectively.
For our customers we offer integrated solutions that include a lot of different elements in addition to the products themselves. We develop production technology based on customer demands.
Thanks to the introduction of one of the most rigorous standards known today, the AS9100 Aerospace Standard, we have managed to acquire a distinctive character. We are capable of designing and producing systems of high added value, which we support by developing and managing a supply chain.

Within the framework of CSR, we have established and endorsed funds, we take part in projects designed to promote equal opportunities, employ employees with disabilities and take an active role in the local community life.

Involving our colleagues, we carry out continuous self-assessments. The system of self-assessment forms the basis of the National Quality Award, which we have already won on two occasions (2000, 2009).

Our company has been selected as a National Champion in the category of “The Entrepreneur of the Year” in the „European Business Awards 2015/16” recognizing the best European enterprises. In 2015, from Hungary 15, from Europe 678 companies were selected as National Champions of the European Business Awards that give awards to the best enterprises in 10 categories.

Márta Macher
managing director

Életmű díj

  •      The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of County Fejér have given a Liftime Achievement Award to Márta Macher
  •                                                                                 (The Macher Family at the award ceremony)