MACHER, the Servitized Supplier


Globalization, the internationalization of production, the ever-changing macro-economic environment require maximum flexibility from a company when it comes to developing its business model.


However, it is not enough in itself, business strategy requires continuous „maintenance” and improving.


We have developed our current business model, which is called „servitization” by the international literature in the Anglo-Saxon part of the world, through several strategic cycles.


Its essence is that the intensive competition taking place in the product markets of the developed countries, and the increasingly sophisticated customer demands make manufacturing companies offer intergrated solutions to their customers instead of specific products.


The integrated solutions are complex „packages” that include more and more service elements in addition to the products themselves.


In order to reach and continuously improve this level of knowledge of ours, the following factors are essential:

  • – keeping track of the global economic processes
  • – the changes to the macro economy, the rapid improvement of the electronic industry make frequent product,   procedure and organizational innovations necessary, thus we are able to serve the needs of new business   sectors quickly and effectively
  • – using the latest technologies and machines
  • – continuous investment in the human sphere, seeing it as capital
  • – innovative approach in all the processes, which also is present throughout the production
  • – treating our customers as partners, involving them into the production processes, thinking and developing   together with them


Having introduced servitization, our company has strengthened its positions against its competitors. The capability of producing significant added value provides for stable operation and a popular ranking in the supply chain.


We have strengthened our partneships, have been taking part in carrying out new projects.


We have increased our revenue and efficiency compared to the level before the crisis, and Macher has evolved into a well-known and recognized company both in the domestic and the international electronic market.