MACHER, the Innovative Supplier



We make your concepts come true: developing and producing information, signal, data transmission and mechatronic systems

We develop and implement innovative, forward-looking solutions for our customers in the following areas:

– intelligent electronic and mechatronic systems
– equipment producing environmentally friendly energy
– defence and aerospace industryPrint
– medical technology
– special vehicles
– professional printers
– industrial electronics
Our main competences:

– electromechanical development
– developing production technologies
– cable confectioning
– manufacturing tools and single-purpose machines
– injection moulding
– metallization

25 years of professional experience and responses given to the latest challenges of our age provide the basis for the knowledge through which we can provide full-scale service: defining the initial concept, designing, developing, prototyping and producing the finished products on the basis of the below certifications:

– ISO 9001:2008
– EN 9100:2009
– ISO 14001:2004
– UL Cert. E341577

Our objective is to exceed the expectations of our partners. We are able to implement the outlined concepts flexibly, thinking and developing together with our customers. In this case production is realized in parallel with development in the company, since apart from the customer expectations there is nothing else available but the knowledge and technical capability of Macher.

We strengthen our long-term business relations through developing and operating a supply chain. This level of knowledge makes it possible to supply products of high added value and complex systems directly to end-users.

We support the fullfillment of special, specific needs through the design and production of the necessary tools, jigs and instruments, and also our own-produced control equipment.

The product, procedure and organizational innovations implemented as a result of continuous adaptation and quick reaction to the economic processes make it possible to serve the needs of new industrial sectors fast and efficiently. We introduce hundreds of new products every year.

Our own developments, the innovative mindset throughout the production processes, the optimization of the production processes, the application of the latest technologies and state-of-the-art machines provide for the cost effectiveness of production.
All the above, connected with high quality customer service, provide for the competitiveness of Macher in the long run.

Our successful applications for funds also support the availability of the most modern machines, technologies, and the regular training of our employees.

Our diversified market provide for liquidity, a stable operation, and effective management of resources.

Our biggest export market is the Scandinavian region. The economies of the Scandinavian countries are competitive, highly specialized where innovation, knowledge and continuous social-economic transformation are the drives for growth.

Main export markets are Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, Finnland, Austria.

For our business excellence we have been awarded the National Quality Award twice.

We conduct our busines activities in Székesfehérvár, in Sóstó Industrial Zone. We established our production hall of 2000 m2 as a greenfield investment in 3 stages.