Macher is among the best in Europe

2015. szeptember 11.

Macher has been selected as a National Champion in the 2015/16 European Business Awards recognizing the best European enterprises and as a Hungarian nominee in the category of in “The Entrepreneur of the Year” in the European competition.

According to the official information received recently, Macher is one of the 15 Hungarian companies that have been selected as the National Champions of the European Business Awards that list the best enterprises of Europe by category.
More than 32 thousand enterprises from 33 countries of Europe put themselves to the test in the competition and finally 678 companies got through the first round of the competition. They are the national finalists that will have the chance to become the recipients of the prestigious Ruban d’Honneur.

For the full list of the European Business Awards, please click below.

National Champion 2015-16