KÉPES Program goes on

2014. június 27.

KÉPES (Community Value Creation) Program is going to continue this year as well. In its context, the local government and local companies have set goals that help the local community.

This year the sanitary units of five nursery schools will be renovated. The professionals of Municipal Maintenance are going to start work costing 70 million HUF in Árpád Úti, Napsugár and Püspökkertvárosi nursery schools during the spring. In summer renovation work is going to move on to Rákóczi utcai and Vízivárosi nursery schools.

So far 17 companies have decided to provide nearly 13 million HUF to continue the program, which amount has been completed with another 13 million HUF by the local government. Additionally, the local government has connected these goals to other institution renovations already defined in the budget for the current year. So nearly 30 sanitary units in 5 nursery schools can be renovated in Székesfehérvár in 2014.

Macher Kft. is taking part in the Community Value Creation Program this year as well.