BME Formula Racing Team lifts the veil…

2014. június 27.

Our BME support project of 2014 started in January. Back then Macher Kft had its first discussion with the BME development team.

This year the guys did not build a new car but developed the one from last year further. The development affected the complete electronic system of the car as well, so new cable harnesses had to be produced this year as well. In the context of our support project 2 cable harnesses were produced which were built in the front and rear section of the car to serve as the nervous system of the car. The cables were in production from January to April. During that time the required components were identified and purchased, the production area was established and the cables were produced completely.

Macher provided all the required raw materials, tools, infrastructure and necessary professional assistance. The boys tended to produce very enthusiastically and persistently every time. The days always passed in high spirits and efficiently ensuring the professional development of young engineers of the future.

The BME Formula Racing Team lifted the veil on their car of this year, called FREX-004. Macher Kft. was among the guests invited to the event. The demonstration was followed by a toast and an informal conversation.